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Results of quality control tests leading to the production of cDNA libraries and sequences

Log52 (source of Generation II Microarrays)

This first library was created by Darren Bauer in Kelley Thomas' lab at the University of New Hampshire.  Quality Control tests of the cDNA library construction protocol was completed 9 Dec 2003 using log52 RNA. cDNAs from these 2 libraries are printed on generation 2 microarrays. Download a revision of the initial library QC summary in Microsoft Word, 17 May 2005, and download the Excel file to customize the histograms of the Log52 libraries.

See images of log 52 total RNA and mRNA used for creating the libraries in MSPowerpoint format.
Condition     Stage     # of Plates     Plate IDs     Location     Duplicate
Unchallenged Small Fraction     mixed     13     c_Log52MxUnchsm062603001-013     IU     -
Unchallenged Large Fraction     mixed     13     c_Log52MxUnchlg062603001-013     IU     -

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