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What's New! (Updated on July 25, 2009)

  • The deadline of companion paper submission to IMB is the end of July.

Important Notice

  1. The deadline of companion paper submission to IMB is the end of July.
  2. Main Paper is under review.

For All Registered Annotators


The following articles would be good starting point for all annotators:

  1. AphidBase
  2. Current status of genome assembly
  3. Automated annotation data set on which the manual annotation is based
  4. Manual Annotation Guidelines

Terence's practical guide is here.

Welcome to the Aphid Genome Annotation Project Wiki. This website helps coordinate the International Aphid Genomics Consortium project aiming to (1) manually annotate the aphid genome sequence with structural features, (2) experimentally validate gene models and provide functional annotations for the genes and (3) describe aphid genes within an ecological, agricultural and phylogenetic framework. Selected findings from the community will be featured in a published summary of the genome sequencing project. This website is also designed to coordinate companion paper submissions highlighting the results obtained by individual groups. The pea aphid genome sequencing was done at the Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor College of Medicine.

Open invitation to participate. All interested researchers are welcome to join the consortium. The main reason for a consortium-wide annotation project is to promote a genome-savvy community that will fully exploit this unique genomic resource for years to come. Prior experience is not required. Our success at understanding the genome biology of the aphid depends on assembling now a large and diverse group of investigators, who work together to made first contributions to the genomic foundation for aphid research. Please go to for a look at the existing annotation groups.

More information, see:

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